A montage of wildlife we have captured on film during the production of HD documentaries. The locations range from terrestrial environments to offshore islands. We have travelled across southern Africa in search of conservation stories and these have promoted the well being of species and wildernesses at risk.

A documentary about the Knysna Elephants Park for French television program, "Manimal"(2010)

Life on the Edge (2004) was an internationally viewed documentary on the plight of the African Oyster Catcher. The film showed the pressures faced by these intertidal dwelling seabirds. Shortly after the film 4X4 vehicles were banned from driving on South African beaches.

The "Birdman" spends his life rescuing poisoned, damaged or abused birds in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Zach Vincent, son of Mike and Sharyn, studied Zoology across 3 continents and has presented, produced and filmed wildlife programs for South African television. He has a Masters in Zoology from the University of Cape Town and is used as a cameraman, editor, researcher and writer.

Following in the family footsteps and dedicated to wildlife, Zach Vincent has worked on a range of TV broadcast productions from sport, fashion and lifestyle, to Antarctic expeditions. He holds a Master of Science in Zoology at the University of Cape Town, and has sought work in all situations to improve his camera, editing and production skills. This is a reel of his work as an ENG cameraman and editor based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jasmin Films not only works in wildlife and social documentary. This is a corporate video shot for Superformance, based in U.S.A., and local Hi-Tech Automotive (http://www.superformance.com/), makers of the classic AC Cobra muscle car! This video is distributed internationally to create business and market the brand.