In 1975 Mike became a freelance filmmaker and was commissioned to shoot various news reports for SABC. He joined the network in 1976. He majored in English and Philosophy at UNISA while working as a news reporter/cameraman and magazine programme producer for the SABC. During this time Mike was nominated for three Artes Awards. He made his first documentary 'Historic Wrecks' in 1981 and the following year he resigned from the SABC and became an independent film producer and cameraman.

He and his wife, Sharyn, a qualified educationist and an accomplished sound recordist and editor, formed Jasmin Films in 1983. As a professional team, Mike and Sharyn have made a number of documentaries for local and international networks. Although a range of subjects are filmed and directed, from the arts to science, environmental documentaries have always been dominant. Most of these programmes are produced for "50/50", SABC's environmental programme. Jasmin Films represents "50/50" in the Eastern Cape.

The pair worked vigorously against the apartheid system as an international news crew for outlets Visnews, Reuters and the BBC. Both were involved with the Detainee Parents Support Committee in Port Elizabeth, and Sharyn worked for the Black Sash. During this period they worked in the disadvantaged communities, producing programmes which reflected the need for upliftment and empowerment.

As a correspondent for "50/50", South Africa's longest running wildlife show, the crew has challenged unsustainable and unethical industrial and agricultural practices, such as the use of poisons, pollution, poaching and the cruel treatment of wild animals. They recently produced a film about the Knysna Elephants that was broadcast on French Television and are currently in production on a story regarding the fracking for gas in the Karoo region of South Africa. Jasmin Films is based an hours drive to the gates of Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa's third largest reserve.

They have also worked extensively in the arts both with artists and their creations. Their work in the arts includes the documentary "George Pemba - Painter of the People", which was produced in co-operation with the Mayibuye Centre for History and Culture.

Other documentaries the pair has worked on include:

  • Dolphins and Marine mammals off the SA coast 1992 (26min)
  • The African Penguin 1993 (24min)
  • In Search of the Dugong Part 1 Southern Mozambique 1994 (26min)
  • In Search of the Dugong Inhambane and Bazaruta 1995 (26 min)
  • The River Pipe Fish 1996 (16 min)
  • Tortoise Research in the Eastern Cape 1996 (18 min)
  • Marion Island Musculus and Marioni 1997 (32 min)
  • Do or Die: Dolphin Dilemma 1998 (30min)
  • Hartenbos Estuary 1998 (12 min)
  • Baviaanskloof Wilderness Exploration 1998 (18 min)
  • Duiker Behaviour and Chicory 1998 (15min)
  • Destined to Die: Swartkops Estuary 1998 (24 min)
  • Cape Wildlife Reserve 1999 (15min)
  • Knysna Elephants: Die Laaste Draai. 1999 (26 min)
  • The Eastern Cape, Naturally the Best! 1999 (7 min)
  • The Greater Addo National Park 2000 (34 min)
  • Umoya- Spirit of Port Elizabeth 2000 (8 min)
  • The Grand Old Lady (South African Breweries) 2000 (15min)
  • The Ibhayi Brewery Project, 2001 (10min)
  • The Return of the Sea Swallows 2001 (24min)
  • The Honey Badger Parts 1,2,3 2002 (22min,18min,15min)
  • The Mystery of the Knysna Elephants unfolds 2002 (18min)
  • The Knysna Seahorse 2002 (15min)
  • Mass Strandings of Marine Mammals 2002 (34min)
  • Masters of Flight/ Dickson's Opal 2003( 14 min)
  • Missionvale Care Centre 2003 (12 min)
  • The Pride Returns-the Kgalagadi Lions 2003 (36min)
  • Life at Land's Edge 2004 (36min)
  • Aardlam- First Lady of Addo 2005 (30min)
  • Vision 2020:NMMM promo 2005 (31 min)
  • Kalahari-kat 2006 (18min)
  • Baviaanskloof se Luiperds –Die Ysterklou se Byt 2006 (20min)